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14 Foolproof Ways to Lower Your Living Expenses
Want that great deal for upgraded Internet and all the move channels? What's another $23 a month? Problem is, before you know it you're sinking in bills and your monthly payments have become a burden. Here are 14 ways to lower your monthly nut and get back to stress-free living.

New Disclosure Rules Impact Condominiums
Residential real estate has changed as of this month. There are new contract forms for Maryland and the District, and the new mortgage disclosure rules issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are now in effect. And there even is new terminology. A lender is now a creditor and the borrower/buyer is a consumer. The initial Truth in Lending statement and Good Faith Estimate we have used for a number of years has been replaced with the Loan Estimate. And the old-faithful HUD-1 (the settlement statement) has been discarded in favor of a "Closing Disclosure".